Creating a fuzion between AV and IT
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What makes a good IT or AV person?

In our mind, the answer is simple. There are the obvious things like knowledge, experience and professionalism, but there is one thing that many other IT and AV providers will never never have.

The skill of communication.

What sets our staff apart is the fact that we can hold a conversation with you to ensure that we understand your expectations, and that we can explain any limitations in clear, non techno-bable language. This ensures that at the end of the job, we all understand where we started, where we are now, and how we got there.
Simply fixing issues isn’t our style, we like to ensure our clients are educated on their systems. However should you not want to know, or feel like you won’t understand that’s fine too. We would never think you’re silly for not knowing (or even caring!).

We also have ethical business practises; you will always get a fair deal. No exorbitant prices, no un-necessary extras, and if you have a quick question on something we’ve recently worked on, we’re not going to charge you for a 2 minute phone call. If we make a mistake (hey, we are still human) we’ll fix it. If something comes up and you can't be there at the scheduled time, as long as we get an hours notice and a new booking we won’t charge you a missed appointment fee, because we’re aware that sometimes life gets in the way.